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Review: No Age – An Object


No Age – An Object (Sub Pop, 2013)

by Caleb Nichols

No Age returns with a short, textured, deliberate sounding collection of songs and soundscapes. If you’ve ever wondered what might happen if the Ramones had a baby with Boards of Canada, this is the record for you.

Strangely minimal punk anthems are paired down to their barest and most essential elements on An Object. These bursts of controlled fury appear and resolve into a sort of crackly desert of buzzes and hums which form a sort of mirage-tinged sonic terrain that makes up the substance of the album.

Short on songs, and short on time, this record may not be for everyone; the album clocks in at just over 29 minutes across 10 tracks, and while the band does occasionally hit its stride here, it more often than not feels as if they are treading water. This can be fascinating to listen to albeit occasionally frustrating, so this record is recommended to more adventurous ears than mine.

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