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Sunday Morning Music: The Como Mamas


by Cat Johnson

Imagine pure, unadulterated, Southern, country gospel that is so powerful it damn near takes your breath away. That, my friends, is the music of the Como Mamas.

Hailing from Como, Mississippi, these three women–Ester Mae Smith, Angela Taylor, and Della Daniels–were an “undiscovered” treasure of the area when, during a field recording project for Daptone Records, they were “discovered.”

Knowing that they had stumbled upon something extraordinary, the recording crew made a return trip to Como to properly record the trio. They set up in the local church, the women did their thing and the result is the album, Get An Understanding.

If you’re turned off by the gospel thing, don’t be. These women sing with a strength of spirit that transcends religion and theology. This is soul-stirring stuff.

Check it out:

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