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Patterson Hood on Record Stores


Patterson Hood, of the Drive-by Truckers, shared with RecordStoreDay.com some of his memories of local record stores. Below are some of the high points. You can read the whole thing here.

— “Some of my fondest childhood memories are of going to a small record store in Florence AL called The Turning Point every friday or saturday afternoon. I would skip lunch at school and save my lunch money for the week and it would put me within a dollar or two of having enough for a record a week (1974 prices).”

— “When I was 14 they built a mall on my side of the river with a Record Bar in it. They were a chain, but in those days it was a pretty cool one and when I turned 16 it became my first job. I was a terrible employee, but I’m convinced they never fired me because I spent all my paycheck on records and I knew our inventory inside out.”

— “We have a turntable on our tourbus and we go scouring for little indie record stores in every town and I still blow my whole per-diem on records. Here I am 43 with a wife and child and I’m still misappropriating my lunch money like in 5th grade.”

— “The record labels throwing the indie stores to the wolves and casting their lot with the faceless megastores is indicative the mindset that has put them in such sorry shape of late. The indie record store was the closest link between music and the consumer and there was no replacing that interaction.”

— “Long Live Record Stores!”

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