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The Bridge Theater, Peaches Christ and All About Evil

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by Cherene

I will start this blog with some sad news: On December 27th, the Bridge Theater in San Francisco closed it’s doors. Located on 3010 Geary Blvd, the theater was first opened in 1939 and showed independent and foreign language films.

BridgeTheaterThe theater got its name from the Golden Gate Bridge which opened two years earlier. For the past 12 years Joshua Grannell ran this theater while his alter ego, Peaches Christ, started “Midnight Mass.” In case you have no idea what Midnight Mass is, I will fill you in. Peaches Christ, one of the most amazing Drag Queens I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting, has been showing cult and B-movies and whatever else she wants at midnight. It’s the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen. Not only do you get to watch some amazing movie, but you get a pre-show with William Castle gimmicks, audience participation and a vaudeville-style show throughout the showing. If you’re lucky enough she usually has the director or some star from the movie to do a Q&A after the movie. In 1988 1998 the first event was Faster Pussycat Kill, Kill with a Tura Satana look alike contest. Ten years later she was celebrating the anniversary with John Waters, Tura Satana and Mink Stole any underground, cult or B-movie lovers’ dream. When I was lucky enough to go a Midnight Mass I saw Mommie Dearest.

I’ve never laughed so loud or clapped so hard at anything before in my entire life so far. Peaches Christ had intermission breaks throughout the movie and in those breaks there were dance numbers about the part of the movie you were about to watch…which was hilarious. Not only did I get to see a great movie with a drink called “The Blood of Christ” in my hand, but I got to meet Peaches Christ. She was sooo nice and told me she liked my shirt. I had an ear to ear grin the whole drive home. So this is a sad goodbye to The Bridge Theater the place where Midnight Mass got it’s start, where Peaches Christ became a cult legend and personal hero of mine.

All About Evil
Written and directed by Grannell, All About Evil is destined to be a cult classic, a B-movie bomb in the best way ever it is completely over the top and is the best black comedy ever. The cast of this movie is simply divine. The star of this film is Natasha Lyonne, from The Slums of Beverly Hills and American Pie. Her co-stars include, Thomas Dekker from the remake of Nightmare on Elm Street, Noah Segan from Kablam!(YAY!! NICKELODEON IN THE HOUSE!) and Jack Donner who plays the projectionist who has played mostly small parts in many t.v. shows from Dr. Kildar in 1962 to Fraiser, Malcom in the Middle to newer shows like Bones. If those actors did not catch your attention, maybe these will Casandra Peterson plays Thomas Dekker’s mom. That name didn’t ring a bell? Then maybe you know her best as Elvira, Mistress of the Dark! BOOM! Oh, and she still looks hot! One more name to top off this list of amazing people is Mink Stole. She is in every John Waters movie he has ever made, even the early ones that no one has ever heard of.

Okay, now that I’ve told you who is in this movie let me tell you about the movie. It opens showing Deborah (Lyonne) as a child, with her father. He’s giving her a pep talk before she performs on stage at his theater to introduce the start of “Kiddie Matinee.” She is dressed like Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz and her stepmother is dressed as the Wicked Witch of the East, which is totally fitting as you see her character interact with Deborah later in the film. Deborah gets on stage and starts singing in front of a group of kids and parents and she gets so nervous she wets the stage. TERRIBLE. She ignores it even though everyone saw her and is now laughing. Just as I thought it couldn’t be more embarrassing her puddle hits her microphone cord and electrocutes her in front of everyone. Kids and parents start screaming and running for the exits and all the while her stepmother is cackling away. As her father runs to her you see she isn’t dead but she looks different. The shock even gave her a white skunk stripe in her hair.

The film then cuts to her in the present day, closing up the San Francisco Public Library with her co-worker Evelyn (Stole). Evelyn is trying to talk Deborah out of inheriting her late fathers failing theater, but Deborah is determined to keep it running and leaves in tears. Deborah heads to the theater and is startled by an older man who turns to be Mr. Twigs, the projectionist. He sees how stressed out she is and tells, sorta creepily, that her he’ll help in anyway possible.

When the theater opens, Deborah is at the concession stand and in walks the wicked witch of the east, Deborah’s stepmother, Tammy. Her step mother Tammy is a huge B-word and is so mean to Deborah she tries to bully her into selling the theater. She even starts calling her bad names and bad mouthing her father. After Deborah says no to signing the papers that will allow Bed Bath and Beyond to tear down the theater, Tammy grabs Deborah’s hand and puts it against the popcorn kettle until she agrees. This is where poor, shy weak little Deborah becomes something else, “De-Boor-Ah.” She starts stabbing wildly at her stepmother’s neck and chest with a pen. You see all of this happen through the security camera and then you see the 18 people in the theater chanting for the movie to start. Deborah hears this and runs to the projection room but Mr. Twigs is nowhere to be found. She starts frantically hitting buttons and switches until something starts and the chants turn into applause. But to Deborah’s surprise, it’s the security camera showing everything that just happened in the lobby with her stepmother.

Of course, she starts freaking out, but does nothing. After she sees herself on the big screen she becomes entranced with her performance. As it plays, Mr. Twigs walks through the lobby. He sees Tammy’s body, walks into the theater and watches the whole “movie” and doesn’t mind what he’s seeing; he even enjoys it. He gets on stage as it ends and announces to the crowd that they just saw a brand new short film introducing Deborah and that the Victoria Theater is there to stay. Mr. Twigs starts the real movie and heads to the lobby with the newly changed Deborah to help her hide her stepmother’s body in the theatre attic. He insists that no one will miss her or even smell the body. He tells Deborah that she has nothing to worry about and she needs to go meet her new fans waiting for her in the lobby.

Deborah begins to catch the attention of local movie goers and even Peaches Christ begins going to her theater to watch the gorey short film. She soon finds a film crew to help her make these short films. As the theater becomes popular she starts making more, but none of her fans know that the gore-gore films they’re watching are real.

All About Evil is hilarious, filled with blood and gore and is one of my favorite movies. The DVD has special features that include a documentary of the film’s World Premier, a short film that inspired All About Evil, director’s commentary, the making of the film and the short film, Children Of The Popcorn.

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