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Awesome of the Week: Handwritten Lyrics

November 26, 2012 Leave a comment Go to comments

by Cat

Finding handmade treasures inside record sleeves is one of the joys of working at a record store. Someone taking the time to create a customized cover, or write out the lyrics to a favorite song, reflects a passion and connection to the music that extends far beyond merely listening to it. It’s an expression of the imprint that the music has made on a life.

These lyrics, written in a bubbly, cursive script, were found inside a jacket that was neither the Kinks nor Led Zeppelin. Memory is not serving me, but I think they were in a spoken word album, or audiobook. Regardless, tip o’the hat to whoever took the time to give the songs a little extra love. Perhaps it was just an exercise in penmanship, but even if that’s the case, for this particular exercise the scribe chose the Kinks and Zeppelin. Music awesomeness, indeed.

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