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In the Spotlight: Cabin in the Woods

by Andrew

So, last night I watched Cabin In The Woods, and godDAMN am I pleased with myself for choosing to do so! First off, I must state that I am in no way a scholar of the horror genre, but I do very much love it, and I have explored it relatively extensively. As a result of this, I was pretty confident I knew what would take place in the film within the first 20 minutes. It starts off like a delightfully-formulaic horror movie: a somewhat confusing, seemingly-unrelated (and funny, in a quirky way) opening scene involving two men in a lab (?) instantly grabs the interest of the viewer. That scene ends abruptly and the movie begins to introduce us to the perfect cast of horror characters: the jock, the hot girl, the brain, the stoner/fool and the virgin, all played by sexy actors in their mid-20s! However, each time the film cuts back to the alternate (and confusingly related) plot-line involving the two men in the lab, it becomes more and more clear how convoluted the plot really is. A good (read: professional) reviewer might set up the plot a little more for you, but come on, it’s called Cabin In The Woods. Do I really need to tell you where the teenagers end up? No. Although I sorta did. Hmmm…

Anyway, one of the things I loved most about this film was how long it took for all the facts about what was happening to become clear. Literally, it took forever. I was actually a little frustrated about how confused I was (which has pretty much never happened to me while watching a horror film), but when the story resolves itself the payoff is HUGE! So satisfying! Cabin In The Woods starts out like Scream, and ends up like a funny, witty, deliciously twisted horror version of Inception (not in terms of storyline, more in terms of general complexity).

So what I’m saying is, take my word for it and watch this movie. It’s funny, suspenseful, has some great scary parts, and has a truly interesting, different, and engrossing plot. You WILL NOT be disappointed. On the real, my lady has a degree in film from UCSD and hates lots of movies, but she loved this one, and we actually almost watched it a second time when it ended.

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