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Light in the Attic Sale!

by Raul

Hello everyone! As any of you who read my posts know, I’m a big fan of the Light in the Attic label! I’m very excited that Streetlight is featuring four titles for the ridiculously low price of $9.98! Are you kidding me? That’s dirt cheap! If ever there was a time to check this label out, it’s now!!!

First on the list is the classic Rodriguez title Cold Fact. Sixto Diaz Rodriguez was born in 1942 in Detroit to Mexican immigrant parents who named him Sixto because he was their sixth child. In 1970 he recorded Cold Fact on the Sussex label which was subsidiary to the Buddah label with a second record to follow in ‘71. After low sales and no recognition he was dropped from the label and he left the music business. Strangely enough, and not to his knowledge for sometime, his records became huge in other countries such as South Africa, New Zealand and Australia.

Here is a clip from Cold Fact


Next, is none other than singer, songwriter and producer, Mr. Lee Hazlewood. Light in the Attic has put together a collection of all the LHI singles with an amazing cover shot of Lee looking dapper, as usual, and surrounded by naked women, and they plan on rolling on with a few more Hazlewood titles. Lucky Us!!!!

Here is a clip of one of my favorite cuts from this amazing collection!!!


Third on our list is the Emerson Brothers, Donnie and Joe. Pacific Northwest farm boys who made music in a home studio built and funded by their father in the mid ‘70s, who also built them a concert hall fit for about 300 people with a ticket booth and concession stand on the agreement that they would only focus on original material.

Here is a taste of what came out of these two brothers who had very little influence of any popular ‘70s music.


Last but not least is our good friend Sixto. Album number two, Coming From Reality was recorded a year after Cold Fact and was Sixto’s last release for Sussex.

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