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In Love and Lust We Worship the Heavy

by Stephanie Vossekuil

I have recently gone through an interesting plethora of challenges that life had in store for me for the past few months. In a state of almost constant emotional fluctuation, I have turned to familiar methods of potential distraction (though they can at times serve to further envelop us in the wake of our own tension), such as writing, listening to music of course, and pretending to jam vile, droney, stoner grooves on my shitty Dean bass with good friends who can largely ignore my supreme lack of ability and dive in deep with me. Life is so fucking beautiful and treacherous and I cherish every minute of it as I hope you do. Here are some of the albums that I have been returning to time and time again to help me celebrate my days here to the fullest extent. You might notice a trend, because indeed, like a true metallian, in my love, lust, and hardship, I gravitate to the heavy, but there are other releases scattered about in there that might satisfy the sweeter parts of the palette. Enjoy!

1. Olde Growthe – Olde Growthe
Probably the most flawless album in its entirety that I have recently been introduced to. Seamless transitions between NOLA beat-downs and more melodic breaks that you might expect from the Sword, circa Age of Winters. Beautiful and penetrating. Never forgotten.

2. Weedeater – God Luck & Good Speed
NOLA sludge that reminds me of living in my own filth in a room covered in cigarette butts, beer cans, and other questionable items. An instant classic in its own right. One that made me acknowledge my base involvement in this universe and revel in a gluttonous grime.

3. Pentagram – Relentless
Yes, it’s a classic. First Daze Here could also fill this slot. It’s early balls-to-the-wall heavy groove that sincerely puts hair on your chest. Cheers, little fella!

4. Batillus – Furnace
This grimey and ambient slice of filth goes down nicely with a fifth of Jameson and a world of problems. Nasty enough for the blackest of hearts and droney enough for the slow rockers.

5. R.L. Burnside – A Ass Pocket of Whiskey
Hard-hitting blues with one of the best album covers to have graced a CD in the past 10 years. It features an illustration of Burnside with his belt in hand and two white women in Daisy Dukes standing behind him. Best enjoyed cranked up high on a porch in the afternoon summer heat with cigarette and cold beer in hand.

6. Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats – Blood Lust
I want this shit on vinyl so bad. Southern Lord reissued it recently, but I was broker’n a joke, so I might have missed my opportunity. I’m sure this has appeared on at least one of my earlier lists, but gawdamnit, it’s so psychedelic and drenched in ’70s macabre that I can’t stop engaging with it!

7. Portrait – Portrait
Swedish, wannabe Mercyful Fate fucking rules! The first track, “Hell,” has been blasted through my car stereo speakers countless times as of late as I charge triumphantly into the abyss of my day to day. Get this if you are a fan of true, soaring heavy fucking metal. Hipsters need not apply.

8. Deceased – 13 Frightened Souls
This ’90s death-thrash classic has fun elements of dirty crust punk and good ol’ ass-kicking metal.

9. Darkened Nocturn Slaughtercult – Saldorian Spell
If you’re into Christ-Raping Black Metal, it’s pretty cool, I guess…

10. NunFuckRitual – In Bondage to the Serpent
Super slow, ugly, blackened doom type metal that soothes the raging fires of the souls of any hellbeast. Weird and unsettling- the type of feeling you might get around that one creepy uncle you have.

11. Motorhead – Another Perfect Day
A super posi, yet still totally ass-kicking Motorhead album that pulled me out of the pains of a break up and boosted me to the stars. Still dirty, always appreciated. Thank you, Lemmy, for being as fucked up as I am.

That’s about all for the moment. Keep truckin’.

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