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Sunday Morning Music: Seu Jorge Takes on Bowie

by Cat

Seeing Moonrise Kingdom this week tossed me back into Wes Anderson-appreciation mode. I’m particularly attracted to the visual style of his films: the colors, the props, the sets, the design, the clothes. He has an eye for the beauty of quirk that is reflected in his films, characters, stories and even music. In fact, some of his soundtracks are as beloved as the films they accompany. (The Royal Tenenbaums soundtrack is a long-running crowd favorite.)

One in particular stands out as a piece of unexpected beauty. In The Life Aquatic, Brazilian musician Seu Jorge is featured throughout the film, sitting off to the side of the action, playing and singing David Bowie covers in Portuguese. It’s Anderson at his finest, combining elements, playing with culture and bringing hidden treasures to the surface. The soundtrack features a handful of the songs, but there’s an entire album of Jorge doing Bowie covers that, if this music speaks to you, is a must-hear. If you’re not familiar with the film and Jorge’s music, here are a few tracks to give you a taste:

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