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Saddle the Fuck Up

October 23, 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments

Feed that Jukebox Son, I Lost My Heart to a Woman no Bigger’n a Popcorn Fart: Part Two

by Stephanie Vossekuil

Love is a real fucker, ain’t it? And no one knows that more than our favorite country heroes. Last week’s list might have set more of a silly, honky-tonkin’, pickin’ and grinnin’ tone but in this latest installment of Saddle the Fuck Up, we’re gonna dive on into that pure heartache and literally choke on homesickness and downright helplessness. Yes’m let’s get real deep into those country blues and take some time to ponder the days when our twangy forefathers were cranking out real musical sorrow-not the current tear-jerkers falling dangerously short of pass-ability urging all those little southern cuties to save a horse, ride a cowboy.

Maybe you’ve heard them a thousand times, maybe this is your first rodeo. Whatever the case, I hope by the end of it, there will be many a tear in your cold, cold beer.

Lefty Frizzell – Always Late (With Your Kisses)
Stop dickin’ ol’ Lefty around, cowgirl! He’s sad…

Faron Young – Hello Walls
Another classic incident of heartbreak-induced psychosis. Faron is talking to his goddamn house.

Bobby Bare – 500 Miles Away From Home//Detroit City
My vote goes for both of these classic tunes about homesickness and driftin’. Plus, Bobby Bare is a regular badass.

Townes Van Zandt – Waiting Around to Die
Watch this fucking clip from the movie Heartworn Highways. Just tell your friends you have something in your eye.

Tennessee Ernie Ford – 16 Tons
This song is one of the greatest songs recorded, period. It’s somber, gritty, and ass-kicking.

Johnny Bond and His Red River Valley Boys – All I Can Do is Cry
One of the more obscure hillbilly recordings dealing with the hardships of being a ramblin’ man.

Eddy Arnold – You Don’t Know Me
What happens when you’ve been friend-zoned. Hard.

Marty Robbins – They’re Hanging Me Tonight
The man with a tear in his voice always nails the heart-wrenchers. This one is particularly juicy.

Aight, cowfolks! Hope you enjoy. Until next time….

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