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Q & A: Triptides

by Cat Johnson

In and around Santa Cruz, hearing surf music is pretty much a regular thing. It just suits the town’s retro-surfy-rockin’ vibe so well that it’s hard to get away from…and why would you want to? With its throwback hooks, catchy grooves and good-time instrumentation, there’s not a lot to not like about surf music.

Agree? Then come down and join us tomorrow (8/5) afternoon at 4pm for a free in-store concert featuring the sweet surf sounds of Triptides, who hail from…Indiana? Yep. It seems that even the non-coastal types can get down with the surf sound. Here’s a little Q & A, with band-member Glenn, to get us better acquainted with our midwestern surf brethren.

It’s not every day that you hear of a surf band based in Indiana. Can you talk about the origins of Triptides? Josh and I are originally from San Diego and Atlanta so when we moved to the midwest for school it sort of brought out our inner surfyness

How’s the tour going? Any high points or low points you’d like to share? So far it’s been going really well. We had a blast playing in Phoenix with St. Ranger. Headlining at Cubbfest was definitely a high point as well.

You’re headed into surf territory in Santa Cruz. Any plans to catch some waves while you’re here? We’re definitely gonna try and get some surfing in while we’re visiting. Josh and John have both surfed before but it’ll be my first time.

There are a few styles running through your music: surf, pop, psychedelia etc. How do you describe your music and what bands do you look to for inspiration? We usually describe it as psychedelic surf rock. We get a lot of inspiration from ’60s bands like the Ventures, Syd Barret and Hendrix. We also like a lot of current bands like Tame Impala, Real Estate and Ariel Pink.

How’s the music scene in Indiana? Any bands we should know about? I don’t know too much about Indiana other than the Bloomington scene but from what I’ve experienced it’s pretty varied. There’s a lot of indie rock bands, a decent amount of garage rock and a good amount of hardcore/metal bands. My top 3 local bands at the moment are Jerome and the Psychics, Diamond Messages and Ivory Wave.

Anything you’d like to add? Check out our new album on bandcamp.

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