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Raw Death Thrash Surging From the Depths of the Monterey’s Waters!?

by Stephanie Vossekuil

Bullshit. That’s what you might say.

Not bullshit, my seething, banging lurker of the metallic underworld! Right next door to us here in sunny Monterey California, three standup, high school gentlemen formed a Blasphemophagher-worshipping raw death thrash assault line in mid 2008. You may call them Gorphyryac.

Since then, original members Kyle Reyes (Guitar), Dayan Weller (Bass), and Kevin Reyes (Drums) have recruited vocalist Francis Bahn and released the demo Gut Dumpster, the Shark Warfare EP, and last month released a 7″ with Portland’s Nexwomb entitled Infernal Warbeasts of the Necrotorium as well as another cassette, Goatshark Abominator with Danish Black Metal warriors, Goatfago. You can find the 7″ and tape here at your favorite local record store, so stop by and support local Metal, you goon!

If you are looking for something punishing, something that draws from our extreme thrash forefathers, it would behoove you to give a moment of your time to Gorphyryac. The recordings are laden with the grit and fuzz; and absolutely evil. Plus, they bring it on home with lyrical themes surrounding war, horror, and of course – sharks! Keep on the lookout for any live shows happening in the area and for fuck’s sake, WAKE UP AND THRASH!

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