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Q&A with the Poison Control Center

Tomorrow, June 17, the Poison Control Center out of Ames, Iowa is playing a free in-store concert at 4pm. In an effort to get to know these guys and their music a little better, we bantered some questions back and forth with guitarist Patrick Tape Fleming. Check them out and swing by the store tomorrow afternoon for some free live music!

Tell us a bit about the Poison Control Center. How do you describe your music? Who are your influences?
Well we are four guys from Iowa who dig everything from ABBA to ZAPPA but don’t really sound like either, hopefully we sound like a morning coffee dripping into the pot, or cracking a beer can open, or a loved one whispering sweet nothings in your ear, the three most refreshing sounds ever heard!

How did you guys get started?
Jimi Hendrix came to me in a dream and said, please watch my performance at the Monterey Pop Festival and pick up where I left off. You will be rewarded with friends across the land and always have friends in the band!

You’ve been together since 2005, which is a lifetime in band years. What do you attribute your longevity to?
Well actually we have been together since 2000, but as a 4 piece since 2005. I think if you have a democratic band style, where everyone has a say in everything, it’s much easier to get along! And we love each other that helps too!

How has your music evolved over the years?
Yes, when we started we were just babies with rattles and spoons and now we have guitars and actual drum sticks!

How’s the scene in Iowa? What should we know about it? What other bands are worth checking out?
I think the IOWA music scene is where it at right now, its a constant influence to us and I truly think that people will be talking more and more about IOWA in the coming years, as more of the bands get out and tour! I could name 50 amazing band from Ames and and Des Moines alone, but for purposes of this I will limit it to 11 you should start with: Christopher the Conquered, Mumfords, Derek Lambert and the Prarie Fires, Wolves in the Attic, Nuclear Rodeo, the Seed of Something, Pennyhawk, Love Songs for Lonely Monsters, Keepers of the Carpet, Why Make Clocks, and the Seedlings! There are so many more I want to name but start with those and let me know when your done with that and I will give you 11 more!

How’s the tour going? Any memorable moments?
It’s going great, we have played 215 shows since last June 10th and I can honestly say I have had fun everyday! As for memorable moments there are way to many to even start to talk about, but we have played with some amazing bands like Pavement, Brass Bed, and hell last night we played with Calvin Johnson so we are a bunch of lucky shits!

You had a goal of playing 250 shows this tour. How’s that going? What’s the takeaway from that many shows?
Well we will make our 250 shows on this tour, and put out 2 albums in a year’s time! I guess the takeaway is seeing the country with your friends, and getting to go places you would never go unless you were playing and I can’t count how many new lifelong friends we have met on this trip! It’s hard being away from home so much, but we are doing what we have dreamed about for years so no complaints here!

What’s next for you guys?
Well our new record Stranger Ballet just came out on Afternoon Records, and we have lots of touring this summer to do. But this fall, Joe (bass) is getting married, Devin and Dave (guitar and drums) are heading back to school, and I’m (Patrick, guitar) hoping to work on some movies with my wife this fall.

Anything you’d like to add? Anything else we should know about you?
We are super excited to play Streetlight Records as we are huge record collectors and fans of record stores, so we hope we can bring some rock n roll goodness to the store! We are super excited we shall see you soon!

Some Ordinary Vision by PCC from Ingrained on Vimeo.

Being Gone by the Poison Control Center from TAPES FOR LIFE on Vimeo.

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