Fresh Stuff from Devil Makes Three

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Roots music standout band the Devil Makes Three, which got its start playing house shows in Santa Cruz, is back with a new album.

Titled Redemption & Ruin, the record is a dozen hand-picked cover songs, including “Drunken Hearted Man” by Robert Johnson, “Champagne And Reefer” by Muddy Waters, “Waiting Around To Die” by Townes Van Zandt and “The Angel Of Death” by Hank Williams.


When deciding which songs to record, the band had two rules, which the members shared on their website:

  • REDEMPTION & RUIN HAS TWO DISTINCT SIDES; it’s half gospel songs with a proclivity towards the darker end of the spectrum of religious music (Redemption) and half songs of vice (Ruin). In a very strict sense, the band-members were looking for songs which fully and wholeheartedly fit in one of those two categories. There could be no in between; it was all or nothing. “Drunken Hearted Man” is the first “ruin” debut and a new spin on the original by blues ghost Robert Johnson.
  • THE BAND SELECTED SONGS WRITTEN BY THEIR HEROES: TDM3 wanted to give fans and new friends a look at their inspiration when creating original material. These are covers, with the full TDM3 treatment, but the writers of each of the covers were selected with purpose.

In addition to a fantastic selection of tunes, Redemption & Ruin features guest appearances by Emmylou Harris, Jerry Douglas, Tim O’Brien, Darrell Scott, Duane Eddy and more.


Weekly Best Sellers

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01. Beatles – Live at the Hollywood Bowl
02. Devil Makes Three – Redemption & Ruin
03. Wilco – Schmilco
04. Head & the Heart – Signs of Light
05. Mac Miller – Divine Feminine
06. St Paul & the Broken Bones – Sea of Noise
07. Teenage Fanclub – Here
08. Local Natives – Sunlit Youth
09. Against Me – Shape Shift with Me
10. Atmosphere – Fishing Blues

01. Allah Las – Calico Review
02. Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds – Skeleton Tree
03. Ghost – Popestar
04. Devil Makes Three – Redemption & Ruin
05. Deafheaven – New Bermuda
06. Cure – Disintegration
07. Fugazi – Repeater
08. Teenage Fanclub – Here
09. Devil Makes Three – Devil Makes Three
10. Jack White – Acoustic

01. Ty Segall – Manipulator
02. Steel Pole Bathtub – Butterfly Love
03. Dave Vandervelde – Shadow Slides
04. Dead Ghosts – Love & Death…
05. Tomorrow’s Tulips – Indy Rock Royalty…
06. Enjoy – Another Word for Joy
07. Death Cab for Cutie – You Can Play These…
08. Nails – You Will Never Be…
09. Mac Demarco – Another Demo One
10. J Dilla – Donuts

01. Return of Godzilla
02. Rolling Stones – Rock & Roll Circus
03. Alice in Chains – MTV Unplugged
04. Neil Young & Crazy Horse – Rust Never Sleeps
05. Devendra Banhart – Family Jams
06. Rockers
07. Porco Rosso
08. Brave Little Toaster
09. Batman v Superman
10. Mars Attacks!

01. Decline of Western Civilization
02. Captain America: Civil War
03. Begin Again
04. Imitation Game
05. Professional
06. Beowulf
07. Titanic
08. Iron Man 3
09. Goldeneye
10. Blue Valentine

Stephen Marley’s Fruit of Life

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Revolution II: the Fruit of Life, the latest album from Stephen Marley, is a star-studded collaborative effort featuring over 12 guest artists, including Waka Flocka, DJ Khaled, Iggy Azalea, Busta Rhymes, Konshens, Junior Reid, Dead Prez, Jo Mersa Marley, Rakim and Kardinal Offishall. The son of reggae legend Bob Marley also samples jazz vocal legend Nina Simone on the track “Father of the Man.”

Boasting more of an electronic and hip-hop feel than earlier roots-reggae-inspired records, including 2013’s Revolution I: The Root of Life, this record takes on social justice issues, love, righteousness and good times.

Finding his own place in the Marley family musical legacy, Stephen gives nod to his roots and continues to forge new musical territory. As the New York Times puts it,

Being Bob Marley’s son has given Stephen Marley a voice with archetypal familiarity, some instant brand recognition and a cultural responsibility. Like his musical brothers Ziggy, Damian and Ky-Mani, he’s determined to uphold their legacy and to give it a personalized update. “The son of the legend, and the message is the same,” raps Rick Ross on one of the album’s many collaborations.

The Monkees are Back…with Some New Friends

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The Monkees are back with a new album. Yes, it’s true. We haven’t heard from them in 20 years, since the 1996 album, Justus, and since the passing of founding member Davy Jones, but the band dropped a new record, titled Good Times! and the three surviving members—Micky Dolenz, Michael Nesmith, and Peter Tork—teamed up with an unexpected bunch of artists to bring new songs to life.

Produced by Adam Schlesinger from the Fountains of Wayne, Good Times! features Monkees originals as well as songs written by an all-star roster of rock singer-songwriters, including Andy Partridge, Ben Gibbard, Noel Gallagher, Paul Weller and Rivers Cuomo.

A celebration of the band’s 50th anniversary, the album is a continuation of the Monkees’ well-established approach to tap songwriter friends for them to record. As the band’s website states:

Much like The Monkees’ early albums, Good Times! features tracks written specifically for the band by some of the music world’s most gifted songwriters…To help bring the 50th anniversary full circle, The Monkees completed songs that were originally recorded and written for the group during the ’60s, including “Love To Love” by Neil Diamond and Harry Nilsson’s “Good Times.”


1. “Good Times” (Harry Nilsson)
2. “You Bring The Summer” (Andy Partridge)
3. “She Makes Me Laugh” (Rivers Cuomo)
4. “Our Own World” (Adam Schlesinger)
5. “Gotta Give It Time” (Jeff Barry/Joey Levine)
6. “Me & Magdalena” (Ben Gibbard)
7. “Whatever’s Right” (Tommy Boyce/Bobby Hart)
8. “Love To Love” (Neil Diamond)
9. “Little Girl” (Peter Tork)
10. “Birth Of An Accidental Hipster” (Noel Gallagher/Paul Weller)
11. “I Wasn’t Born To Follow” (Carole King/Gerry Goffin)
12. “I Know What I Know” (Michael Nesmith)
13. “I Was There (And I’m Told I Had A Good Time)” (Micky Dolenz/Adam Schlesinger)

Fresh Stuff from Atmosphere

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Underground hip-hop outfit Atmosphere, comprising Ant and Slug, recently dropped its 7th studio album, Fishing Blues.

The record, which marks 20 years of making music for the Minneapolis-based duo,  features 18 new songs and appearances from DOOM, Aesop Rock, Kool Keith, The Grouch, deM atlaS, and more.

This one sees the duo a little older and a little wiser—perhaps changing their ways, practicing some humility, and embracing the move into middle-age. As Consequence of Sound reports,

“At 43 years old, Slug has spent the past two decades on a pedestal as an indie hip-hop god. Coupled with the indisputable success of Rhymesayers Entertainment, the record label he co-founded, it’s not surprising he had an ego. But based on the lyrical content of Fishing Blues, he’s no longer the cocky 20-something, self-described “asshole” he once was. Aging has clearly given him the opportunity to become a new and improved version of himself. Consequently, Fishing Blues is a more mature variant of Atmosphere. The album addresses fishing in every sense of the word, fishing for compliments, validation, food, love, money, and everything in between.”

Check it out:

Modest Mouse (Finally) Drops Night on the Sun

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Before Modest Mouse released The Moon & Antarctica, the band’s major label debut, it put out a six-track EP titled Night on the Sun.

The EP, which had early demos of several songs from the debut album, was only available during a tour through Japan. It has since become a much sought-after collector’s piece.

Now, 16 years after its initial release, Modest Mouse dropped the original Night on the Sun EP on CD and vinyl.

If you’ve been chasing this one, you can rest easy. Swing by the store and we’ll help you out.

Here’s the tracklist:

01. Night on the Sun
02. You’re the Good Things (It’s Alright to Die)
03. Wild Packs of Family Dogs
04. Dark Center of the Universe
05. Your Life
06. No Title (Jeremiah Green speaking Japanese)

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Miss Sharon Jones – the Soundtrack

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Sharon Jones is one of the great singers and performers of all time. Backed by her Dap Kings, she has built a huge, worldwide audience—with no radio hits to her name—one performance at a time.

Beyond her incredible voice and stage show, Jones is an amazing human, with a storied past that includes time as a corrections officer.

The film Miss Sharon Jones, details Jones’ unlikely story, including a battle with cancer that forced her to put her career on hold, just as her star was ascending.

In theaters now, the film boasts a fantastic soundtrack filled with early singles, standout songs from her 2014 album, Give the People What they Want, and an exclusive track, “I’m Still Here.”

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